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Team Mortis is the villainous team (though more often referred to by other characters as a gang) in the Altaris region. They are a small group consisting of Circuit Trainers. Their ultimate goal appears to be culling the region of weak Trainers and making it a place solely for Circuit Trainers and other powerful trainers.

In the game

Team Mortis is a rather small group of well-known Circuit Trainers. Unlike most villainous teams, they lack grunts due to the fact that they go out of their way to recruit specific Trainers. As of the current release of Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win, Team Mortis is known to have at least six members. Much like typical Circuit Trainers, they use Pokémon of various types and levels, including Legendary Pokémon. This in addition to their reputation for killing others- particularly Trainers significantly weaker than them- makes them a constant threat in Altaris.

In the story

Team Mortis makes their first appearance in Rubina City when the player and Officer Kenn confront Zoltan. Before either party can make a move, Zemith sends his Haunter to distract the player and Kenn. He then uses the opportunity to knock the two and their Pokémon out, and escapes Rubina with Zoltan.

Zemith reappears on Tempest Island, joined by Quad in their mission to capture Lugia. While Zemith's Articuno battles Lugia, the two of them battle the player and Acento, ultimately ending a brutal defeat for the former. They aren't able to stop the player and Acento from fleeing thanks to Kaiser sending his Luxray to blind Team Mortis with Flash, but they succeed in capturing Lugia.

When exiting Amaris City and heading through Route 6 towards Ironis City, the shadow of Jetstream is seen flying south, towards Ironis as well.

The player, Acento, and Petra eventually track down Team Mortis to the Ironis Black Market, where they discover Zoltan, now officially a member of Team Mortis. He is eventually joined by Zemith and Abel, with whom he has a brief argument. Zoltan's Absol, Renegade, quickly detects the party nearby, and before they can contemplate an escape option, they are discovered by Phlox, forcing them to reveal themselves. After revealing Petra's reputation for killing Pokémon and that they were not the ones responsible for her father's death, Abel trails off, signifying that he knows something about her father's killers. In an attempt to get the knowledge out of him, the player is made to battle Zoltan and his Latios, Jetstream. Losing the battle results in a game over in which the player, Acento and Petra are presumably killed by the members of Team Mortis. Upon Zoltan's defeat however, Abel begrudgingly reveals the location of one of Petra's father's killers and lets the group leave, much to the dismay of Zoltan and Phlox (the latter of whom leaves as well). Once the three have left the Black Market, Abel and Zemith voice their concerns over the fact that Jetstream had lost to the player. Their leader- Divide- then joins their conversation, having heard enough of what had transpired. He offers to take care of Jetstream's training, with Zoltan reluctantly accepting.


  • Due to mortis being the genitive singular of mors, Team Mortis can be literally translated to "team of death".
Team Mortis
Leader Divide
Members Abel - Phlox - Quad - Zemith - Zoltan