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Icon561.pngIcon561 1.png #561 Sigilyph
Top: Unovan Sigilyph
Bottom: Altaran Sigilyph

National Dex



Unova: Avianoid Pokémon
Altaris: Arboreal Pokémon


Unova: Psychic/Flying
Altaris: Psychic/Grass


Unova:Wonder Skin, Magic Guard, Tinted Lens (Hidden)
Altaris: Leaf Guard, Magic Guard, Solar Power (Hidden)

Gender Ratio

50% Male

Catch Rate


EV Yield

2 Sp.Atk

Egg Group





Game Freak, Lord X-Giga-X

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Sigilyph (Japanese: シンボラー Symboler) is a dual-type Psychic- and Flying-Type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It has an Altaran Regional Variant that is Psychic- and Grass-Type.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Altaran Sigilyph was designed and sprited by Lord X-Giga-X.


Location Encounter Type % Chance Time
Jadit Ruins Tall Grass 30% All Day


HP Atk Def SpAtk SpDef Spd BST
Unova 72 58 80 103 80 97 490
Altaris 80 50 105 80 105 80 500

Dex Entries

Unovan Sigilyph
The guardians of an ancient city, they use their psychic power to attack enemies that invade their territory.
Altaran Sigilyph
Like its Unovan cousin, Sigilyph found in Altaris guard ancient ruins from looters. Its shape is said to resemble a tree, and it seems to have an affinity with nature.


By Level-Up By TM By Level-Up By TM
Unovan Altaran
Level Move TM Move Level Move TM Move
1 Gust TM17 Protect 1 Leaf Tornado TM17 Protect
1 Miracle Eye TM20 Safeguard 1 Miracle Eye TM20 Safeguard
4 Hypnosis TM21 Frustration 4 Hypnosis TM21 Frustration
8 Psywave TM23 Smack Down 8 Psywave TM23 Smack Down
11 Tailwind TM33 Reflect 11 Ingrain TM33 Reflect
14 Whirlwind TM45 Attract 14 Bind TM45 Attract
18 Psybeam TM46 Thief 18 Psybeam TM46 Thief
21 Air Cutter TM53 Energy Ball 21 Razor Leaf TM53 Energy Ball
24 Light Screen TM87 Swagger 24 Light Screen TM87 Swagger
28 Reflect By HM 28 Reflect By HM
31 Synchronoise 31 Synchronoise
34 Mirror Move 34 Synthesis
38 Gravity 38 Grassy Terrain
41 Air Slash 41 Energy Ball
44 Psychic 44 Psychic
48 Cosmic Power 48 Cosmic Power
50 Sky Attack 50 Solar Beam
STAB bonus applies to all moves noted in italics




Egg Normal Shiny Metallic Shiny Metallic
561egg.png 561.png 561b.png 561s.png 561sb.png 561m.png 561mb.png 561sm.png 561smb.png
561 1.png 561b 1.png 561s 1.png 561sb 1.png 561m 1.png 561mb 1.png 561sm 1.png 561smb 1.png


  • Altaran Sigilyph is based on the "Tree" Nazca line.