Sidequest: Arachnophilia

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Sidequest: Arachnophilia
Show Me a Spinarak.png

Quest Type

Sidequest (Standard)

Quest Giver



Emeralis City


TM 83 (Infestation)

Preceded By


Followed By


Sidequest: Arachnophilia is one of the sidequests of the game. It is a relatively short quest, and is available as soon as the player enters Emeralis City.

Completing the Sidequest

This sidequest is obtained from a boy in the living room of the house directly to the left of the Pokémon Center. If the player decides to listen to his request, he'll tell them that he wants to see a Spinarak. Spinarak only appears in the wild at night, and he isn't allowed to go outside at night. He asks the player to show him one.

This quest can be completed very easily, as the player is required to obtain a Spinarak and talk to the boy with it in the party. Spinarak is available in Emeralis City at night, and thus is the easiest place to hunt for one to complete this quest. This can potentially be difficult for players who've activated the Randomizer due to the nature of the mode.

After seeing a Spinarak, the boy will give the player TM 83, which contains the move Infestation. This will end the quest.

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