Sidequest: Pest Extermination

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Pest Extermination
Pest Extermination.png

Quest Type

Sidequest (Standard)

Quest Giver



Amaris City


Lucky Egg

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Sidequest: Pest Extermination is one of the sidequests of the game. It is available as soon as the player enters Amaris City.

Completing the Sidequest

In one of the three story houses, a man (identified as Terry in the Quest Log) can be found on the first floor hiding from a delivery man. Talking to him allows the player to talk to the delivery man and receive a Package from him. Upon talking to Terry again, he'll ask the player if the delivery man has left. Telling him yes will then allow the player to give Terry the package. It's then revealed to be a package of Max Repels the residents ordered to deal with an infestation of Rattata. Terry will then ask for your assistance in clearing them out.

There are 8 Rattata scattered throughout the house: 2 on the first floor, 3 on the second floor, and 3 on the third floor. Each of them must be either caught or defeated. Terry will remain on the second floor keeping track of how many Rattata are left.

Once all 8 Rattata are dealt with, the player will need to talk to Terry once again. Before he can reward the player, a yell is heard from a nearby room, revealed to be Terry's wife. Following Terry to the room his wife is in reveals an Alolan Raticate staring the woman down. After defeating or catching the Raticate, Terry will reward the player with a Lucky Egg, thus ending the quest.

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