Sidequest: Lost in the City

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Lost in the City
Chanchan is Lost.png

Quest Type

Sidequest (Standard)

Quest Giver



Rubina City


Lucky Punch

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Sidequest: Lost in the City is one of the sidequests of the game. It is a relatively short quest, and is available as soon leaves Condemned Building 2 after confronting Zoltan.

Completing the Sidequest

This sidequest is obtained from an NPC in the dining room of the large house south of Ashley's house in Rubina City. She'll tell the player that her Chansey, Chanchan, has run away and ask for their help finding it. Accepting her request starts this quest.

The NPC (named Carla in the Quest Log) will tell the player that their Chansey is likely still in Rubina, hoping it did not run toward either of the condemned buildings. Despite this, a few NPCs will lead to it location, Condemned Building 1, where it can be found on the third floor. However, upon approaching it, the player will be approached by a Roughneck who then challenges them to a battle to decide who takes the Chansey.

Trainer Sprite Trainer Name Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon
Trainer048.png Roughneck Fletcher Poochyena
no item
no item
-- -- -- --
Quick Feet
Sand Attack
Focus Energy
Poison Gas
Fury Swipes
-- -- -- --

Upon being defeated, the Roughneck will leave. The player can then interact with Chanchan and choose either to send it back to its owner or leave it where it is. If the player returns Chanchan to its owner, it can be found back at the house. Talking to the owner again rewards the player with a Lucky Punch and ends the sidequest.

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