Sidequest: Find My Growlithe

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Find My Growlithe
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Granite Town


Mystic Water

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Sidequest: Find My Growlithe is one of the sidequests of the game. It is a relatively short quest, and is available as soon as the player starts the game.

Completing the Sidequest

This sidequest is obtained from an NPC in the dining room of the house next to the player/Jordan's house. They will tell the player that their Growlithe ran out of their home while chasing away a burglar, and ask for the player to help. Accepting their request starts this quest.

The NPC (named Connie in the Quest Log) will tell the player they saw their Growlithe run south to Route 1. The player can find the Growlithe in the route near the exit to Shardil Town. The player can interact with it and choose either to send it back to its owner or leave it where it is.

If the player returns the Growlithe to their owner, they can be found back at the house. Talking to the owner again rewards the player with a Mystic Water and ends the sidequest.


  • Considering this sidequest can be started before the player leaves Granite, it can be assumed that the burglar the Growlithe chased away was Kaden.

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