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Icon213.pngIcon213 1.png #213 Shuckle
Altaran Shuckle.png
Top: Johtonian Shuckle
Bottom: Altaran Shuckle

National Dex



Mold Pokémon


Johto: Bug/Rock
Altaris: Poison/Water


Johto: Sturdy, Gluttony, Contrary (Hidden)
Altaran: Poison Touch, Effect Spore, Corrosion (Hidden)

Gender Ratio

50% male

Catch Rate


EV Yield

1 Def, 1 Sp.Def

Egg Group





Game Freak, Keileon

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Shuckle (Japanese: ツボツボ Tsubotsubo) is a dual-type Bug- and Rock-Type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It has an Altaran Regional Variant that is Poison- and Water-Type.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Altaran Shuckle was designed and sprited by Keileon.


Location Encounter Type % Chance Time


HP Atk Def SpAtk SpDef Spd BST
Johto 20 10 230 10 230 5 505
Altaris 40 115 115 115 115 5 505

Dex Entries

Johto Shuckle
A Shuckle hides under rocks, keeping its body concealed inside its shell while eating stored berries. The berries mix with its body fluids to become a juice.
Altaran Shuckle
Altaran Shuckle is known to have less endurance than its cousin from Johto, but it is far more efficient at offense. It releases toxic mold spored from its shell which can be fatal in high concentrations.


By Level-Up
Kanto Altaris
Level Move Level Move
1 Sticky Web 1 Toxic Spikes
1 Withdraw 1 Withdraw
1 Constrict 1 Constrict
1 Bide 1 Bide
1 Rollout 1 Rollout
5 Encore 5 Encore
9 Wrap 1 Wrap
12 Struggle Bug 12 Acid Spray
16 Safeguard 16 Safeguard
20 Rest 20 Rest
23 Rock Throw 20 Water Pulse
27 Gastro Acid 27 Gastro Acid
31 Power Trick 31 Power Trick
34 Shell Smash 34 Shell Smash
38 Rock Slide 38 Scald
42 Berry Drink 42 Venoshock
45 Power Split 45 Power Split
45 Guard Split 45 Guard Split
49 Stone Edge 49 Hydro Pump
53 Sticky web 53 Toxic Spikes
STAB bonus applies to all moves noted in italics




Egg Normal Shiny Metallic Shiny Metallic
213egg.png 213.png 213b.png 213s.png 213sb.png 213m.png 213mb.png 213sm.png 213smb.png
213egg 1.png 213 1.png 213b 1.png 213s 1.png 213sb 1.png 213m 1.png 213mb 1.png 213sm 1.png 213smb 1.png


  • Altaran Shuckle is based on black mold.