Shardil Town

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Shardil Town
Shardil Town.png
Unassuming yet brilliant, like precious gems.

Gym Type


Gym Leader



Route 1 (east), Shardil Clearing (north)

Related Quests

Story: I Choose You!, Story: Gotta Catch 'em All!, Sidequest: Helping a Friend

Shardil Town's location in the Altaris Region
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Known to be the home of Professor Spruce, Shardil Town is the true start for most of Altaris's trainers. While it is smaller than Granite Town, it still has a Pokémon Center and a Pokémart. The real highlight is Shardil Clearing, a beautiful park right above the town. It is kept in very good shape and the people from Shardil Town tend well to it.

Places of Interest

Berry Stand

At the first road intersection the player can find a stand. The man here is selling berries for a low price and his selection offers everything a new trainer could wish for.

Spruce Research Facility

On the far northwestern end of Shardil Town a distinct building can be found. It is the Laboratory at which Professor Spruce and her assistants conduct research and keep Pokémon for new trainers. The PokéBit is being programmed here as well, offering a wide range of helpful tools like the map and phone or other useful information directly from the inbuilt AI called EVO. Both a Pokémon and a PokéBit are therefore given out to new trainers.

When she isn't helping new trainers Spruce is researching on the intelligence and obedience of Pokémon and tends to overwork herself while doing so, resulting in her sleeping at the lab quite often. Because of this a bed has been set up to make it less of a burden on her.

Additionally the computers inside the main hall can be accessed, allowing the player to read some of Spruce's work and theories.

Professor Spruce's House

The house of Professor Spruce is located below the lab, on the far southwestern end of Shardil Town. Since the professor spends most of her time at work she seems to treat her house more like an archive. A lot of her papers and books are stored in shelves, boxes and drawers all around the house. Even her desks are littered with notes. Only a single Vileplume, seemingly belonging to the professor, spends its time here.

Events of Interest

Helping a Friend

When playing on normal difficulty, Noro can be encountered after the starter Pokémon has been obtained. He is sitting on the lower right bench near the entrance of Shardil Clearing, asking for a Nidoran. When giving him a Nidoran it will keep its nickname, gender, nature, ability, shiny status and metallic status during all future encounters.



Encounters - Land
Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate
399.png Bidoof 2-3 20% 263.png Zigzagoon 2-3 20%
019.png Rattata 2-3 20% 001.png Bulbasaur 3 5%
016 1.png Pidgey
2-3 20%
163.png Hoothoot 2-3 20%
069.png Bellsprout 3 15%
043.png Oddish 3 15%
Encounters - Old Rod
Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate
129 1.png Magikarp
3-15 70%
118.png Goldeen 3-15 30%


Sprite Item Location Notes
Item395.png Oran Berry x2 Left of Shardil Clearing Berry Tree
Item217.png Potion Right of the fountain
Item217.png Potion From a man in front of the Pokémart
Item267.png Poké Ball x5 From Petra
Item596.png PokéBit Professor Spruce
Item000.png ??? Past water in east of town Inaccessible as of current build
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