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Ragnarok Raven's official logo, meant to resemble a raven with open wings.

Ragnarok Raven (informally the Sardonyx Team) is the official name for the development team of Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win. It is composed primarily of old friends and alumni from the now-defunct Pokémon Acanthite fangame project. As such, while this is the first real project for the team, most of them have at least minimal experience in making a Pokémon fangame.

Active Development Team

  • Keileon: Also known as Kuda. The co-lead developer of the project, she handles most of the graphics for the game (both ingame and promotional) and is primarily a concept artist, spriter, and mapper. She also manages the website, wiki, Discord server, and Twitter account for the game.
  • Lord X-Giga-X: Typically known as Giga and more rarely as L2XG. The other co-lead developer, he handles events and scripts for the project, as well as implementation of mechanics and sprite/map fixes. While both he and Keileon direct the story, Lord X-Giga-X is the one who generally comes up with the specifics. He provides official update posts for the Relic Castle thread.
  • Nebulon Ranger: Also known, among other names, as Dark. He is the lead composer for the project and hosts the wiki.
  • Sinder: Originally put on the team as a tile artist, Sinder ended up being more of a programmer and is responsible for making the launcher and patcher for the game. He also acts as outsourced tech support on the public server.
  • Cid: A Pokémon spriter in Phazyxel's absence, he helps with overworlds, icons, and backsprites.

Inactive Staff

  • Phazyxel: Also known as Ziggy. He was a spriter for the project, having designed a few regional variants and edited the overworlds, backsprites, and menu icons for several others. He is currently not spriting due to artistic burnout.
  • BatterymanAAA: Also known as Triple-A. He was a spriter for the project and designed several regional variants along with their overworlds. Unexpectedly vanished and shows no signs of returning.
  • Kicock: He was a composer for the game. He voluntarily left the team due to unfortunate circumstances after creating a few tracks for the game.
  • Byrdboi: He was a composer who had to step back due to real life getting in the way. However, he composed several WIP tracks and is allowing Ragnarok Raven to use them as needed.
  • Komodo Dragontaile: A trainer spriter for the team. So far he has only made Zoltan's updated trainer sprite.

Supporting Team

  • Timbernator: A friend of the developers, she is a supporting promotional artist and has also provided volume balancing for certain music tracks. She is considered "on call" when needed.
  • 5P4CEKA7: Also known more commonly as Spacekat. He is a promotional artist and has provided some official art for the project.
  • DapperDelta: Known in shorthand as Delta. She is a concept artist for human character art.
  • Fangking Omega: Also known as Captain Library and the former lead developer of Pokémon Acanthite. He is on hand primarily for consultation and providing resources when needed.
  • Nebby: On hand to assist with editing the wiki so that the developers may focus on the game itself.