Rubina City

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Rubina City
Rubina City.png
A city that sparkles like jewels in fire.

Gym Type


Gym Leader



Route 3 (west), Route 4 (West) (east), Condemned Building 1, Condemned Building 2

Related Quests

Story: To Rubina!, Story: A Suspicious Person, Story: Down at the Precinct, Story: Bad Influences, Sidequest: Lost in the City

Rubina City's location in the Altaris Region
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Rubina City is the fourth city the player reaches, after leaving Route 3. Only after completing the story here will the player be able to backtrack and enter Charred Pathway.

Rubina City is mostly surrounded by hills and has only smaller grass patches scattered around town. It has its own Police Station, a Gym and two abandoned buildings.

Places of Interest

Rubina City Gym

Northwest in Rubina City lies Rubina City Gym, the first actual Gym the player may challenge. Trainers here specialize in Pokémon of the Fire type.

Condemned Building 1

The first abandoned building can only be entered after finishing Story: A Suspicious Person. Here the player can meet, and choose to battle at their own risk, a Circuit Trainer.

Condemned Building 2

The second abandoned building can be entered right away and is part of the story. It is the first place the player is able to permanently lose a Pokémon.

Ashley's House

The largest house in Rubina City is owned by Ashley, the local Gym Leader. Inside, the player can find a Larvesta, Altaran Arcanine and Ninetales wandering around.

Events of Interest

Lost in the City

After getting the Hatchet, a girl inside the large house, northwest of the police station, asks the player to search her missing Chansey, ChanChan. It is found on the third floor of Condemned Building 1.

Pokémon Trade

An elderly women inside a small house, to the right of Sylveon, is willing to trade Altaran Growlithe for her Alolan Vulpix.

Sprite Pokémon Nickname Level OT Ability Nature IVs Moves
037 1.png Vulpix Keokeo Traded Anya Snow Warning Timid 31 Sp.Atk / 31 Spd Generated on trade



Trainer Sprite Trainer Name Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon
--- Biker Ruben Grimer
056 1.png
-- -- --
Sticky Hold
Poison Gas
Poison Gas
Focus Energy
Fury Swipes
-- -- --


Encounters - Land
Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate
431.png Glameow 5-7 20% 506.png Lillipup 5-7 30% (day)
20% (night)
037.png Vulpix 6-8 20% (day)
10% (night)
209.png Snubbull 5-8 15% (day)
513.png Pansear 5 5% 531.png Audino 5 4%
498.png Tepig 5 5% 058 1.png Growlithe 5 1%
048 1.png Venonat 6-7 10%
425.png Drifloon 6-8 10%
228.png Houndour 6-8 15%
Encounters - Old Rod
Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate
129 1.png Magikarp 3-15 70%
118.png Goldeen 3-15 30%


Item Location
Burn Heal North of the fenced off garden
Expert Belt From a policeman inside the Police Station
Potion On top of a plateau, near a musician
Hatchet From a man outside the police station, after Story: Down at the Precinct
TM43: Flame Charge From Ashley, after beating her
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