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Concept - PokeBit.png
Concept art of the PokéBit, displaying the map.

Item Pocket

Key Items


Menu function

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The PokéBit is an item in Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win. It is an analog to the PokéGear, PokéNav, and Pokétch from the main series of games. Designed and programmed by Professor Annibelle Spruce, she gives it to beginning trainers as a general-purpose piece of equipment.


The Pokébit has no effect if attempting to use it in the bag. However, in lore, it serves as a Pokédex, a trainer ID, a radio, a map, a phone, and a Mega Ring.

Educational Virtual Operator

The Educational Virtual Operator, or EVO, is an AI that resides within the PokéBit and serves to inform the user of the region and its Pokémon. During the day, EVO takes the form of an Espeon named EVO Day, while at night it becomes an Umbreon named EVO Night. The player may interact with EVO within the PokéBit menu by pressing "D".

Both EVO Day and Night have their own speech patterns and personalities; Day is friendly, helpful, and formal, while Night is sarcastic, lazy, and familiar. However, both serve the same functions, just with different dialogue related to those options.

EVO's functions are as follows:

  • Remind Me of Mechanics: Provides an overview of mechanics the player has been introduced to.
  • What Am I Doing?: Provides a brief reminder of currently active quests in case the Quest Log is unhelpful or the player is lost.
  • Enabled Modes: Lists all modes the player chose to activate at the beginning of the game.
  • Stats
  • Talk To Me
  • Settings
    • Password: Allows the player to input passwords to unlock gifts and effects.
    • Toggle Day/Night: Currently has no function.
    • Restore Team: Allows the player to fix a glitch on their own involving the team not being returned after a deathmatch.
    • Get Me Unstuck: Currently has no function.
  • Nevermind: Exits the menu.

EVO Passwords

Released Passwords - Pokémon Gifts
Sprite Password Pokémon OT Level Gender Nature Ability Moves IVs Item Hint
016s 1.png OSPREY Pidgey
1 Random Timid Refrigerate Echoed Voice
Icy Wind
Random None Amaris City
506s 1.png Lillipup
Citrivale City
Beast of burden of the far north.

Released Passwords - Box Wallpapers
Image Password Hint Image Password Hint
Box66.png Route 4 (West)
Generic lament.


Given to the player by Professor Spruce in Shardil Town.