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Icon164.pngIcon164 1.png #164 Noctowl
Altaran Noctowl.png
Top: Johtonian Noctowl
Bottom: Altaran Noctowl

National Dex



Owl Pokémon


Johto: Psychic/Flying
Altaris: Ghost/Flying


Johto: Insomnia, Keen Eye, Tinted Lens (Hidden)
Altaris: Magecraft, Cursed Body, Guiding Light (Hidden)

Gender Ratio

50% male

Catch Rate


EV Yield

2 HP

Egg Group





Game Freak

Noctowl (Japanese: ヨルノズク Yorunozuku) is a dual-type Normal- and Flying-Type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. In Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win, it is Psychic- and Flying-Type. It has an Altaran Regional Variant that is Ghost- and Flying-Type.

It evolves from Hoothoot starting at level 20.

Altaran Noctowl was designed and sprited by Keileon.


Location Encounter Type % Chance Time
Evolve Hoothoot
Route 1 Dark Grass 20% Night


HP Atk Def SpAtk SpDef Spd BST
Johto 100 50 50 86 96 70 452
Altaris 75 50 70 100 100 85 480

Dex Entries

Johtonian Noctowl
It unfailingly catches prey in darkness. Noctowl owe their success to superior vision that allows them to see in minimal light, and to their supple and silent wings.
Altaran Noctowl
Altaran Noctowl glide silently through the night, appearing spectral from the ground below. It is thought to be able to see and communicate with spirits lost to time.


By Level-Up By TM By Level-Up By TM
Johto Altaris
Level Move TM Move Level Move TM Move
TM01 Work Up Evolve Ominous Wind TM01 Work Up
1 Dream Eater TM17 Protect 1 Phantom Force TM17 Protect
1 Sky Attack TM21 Frustration 1 Nightmare TM21 Frustration
1 Tackle TM33 Reflect 1 Dream Eater TM33 Reflect
1 Growl TM45 Attract 1 Sky Attack TM45 Attract
1 Foresight TM46 Thief 1 Tackle TM46 Thief
4 Hypnosis TM87 Swagger 1 Growl TM87 Swagger
7 Peck TM106 Pluck 1 Foresight TM106 Pluck
10 Confusion 1 Hypnosis
13 Echoed Voice 4 Hypnosis
16 Zen Headbutt 7 Peck
19 Psycho Shift 10 Confusion
23 Extrasensory 13 Echoed Voice
27 Take Down 16 Hex
31 Reflect 19 Curse
35 Air Slash 23 Shadow Ball
39 Uproar 27 Shadow Claw
43 Roost 31 Light Screen
47 Moonblast 35 Air Slash
51 Synchronoise 39 Uproar
55 Dream Eater 43 Roost
47 Moonblast
51 Synchronoise
55 Dream Eater
59 Nightmare
STAB bonus applies to all moves noted in italics


Lv 20
Lv 20
164 1.png


Egg Normal Shiny Metallic Shiny Metallic
163egg.png 164.png 164b.png 164s.png 164sb.png 164m.png 164mb.png 164sm.png 164smb.png
164 1.png 164b 1.png 164s 1.png 164sb 1.png 164m 1.png 164mb 1.png 164sm 1.png 164smb 1.png