Known Bugs

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The following list of bugs is accurate to the Demo 2.6 2019-1-23 release. Please see the Changelog for past glitches that have been fixed.


  • For some people, switching save files may cause the game to crash.
  • Saving may occasionally save the game in the wrong slot. (Backup your saves!)
  • The game may rarely crash, freeze, or stall, particularly when on the randomizer mode or starting a battle. The cause is unknown.


Lag and Framerate

  • The faster the game speed is set, the longer certain things such as evolution and dialogue pauses take.
  • Radio/Jukebox creates significant lag.

Following Pokémon

  • During a pause in dialogue, such as a cutscene, if the player is facing their following Pokémon and mashes the interaction button the cutscene will be interrupted by Following Pokémon dialogue.
    • This happens even during the Kaden scene and healing at a Pokémon Center, where the Pokémon has been forcibly recalled.
  • NPCs are able to walk through following Pokémon.
  • The game attempts to send out the following Pokémon with both animation and sound effect whenever entering a new map (including buildings) regardless of whether the Pokémon is fainted or not.
  • Occasionally if a following Pokémon is of a species with multiple forms, their graphic will revert to their default form. Entering new maps or switching Pokémon should reset it to its proper form.
  • Altaran Qwilfish does not have overworlds, due to being low priority and unobtainable outside of the randomizer.
  • Catching a new Pokémon and replacing the lead Pokémon in the team creates a minor visual glitch in which the following Pokémon does not update.




  • If the player's Pokémon faints and the attacker becomes confused (such as by Thrash or Outrage) the fainted Pokémon will be able to attack for an extra turn before the game prompts a switch.
  • Occasionally after selecting a move, the game may spam "Can't escape!" multiple times before the battle continues on as normal. Cause unknown.


  • If a Pokémon in the party is poisoned and drops to 1 HP when walking, the game may rarely crash when the poison should wear off.
    • This seems not to happen for everyone and the cause is unknown. Save your game often.
  • Held items may disappear randomly. Cause is unknown.


  • Ambient Pokémon cries often play immediately upon loading the game or exiting a battle.
  • Rarely, when entering an area that changes the music or leaving a battle, the previous track will not stop playing. This can cause crashes. Cause is unknown.
  • Healing via Acento in Ironis Black Market may cause the music to fade out and not return until a battle is entered.
  • For some users, the music for wild double battles may not trigger.



  • On some screen sizes, tiles on a higher layer have a thin line separating them from lower-layer tiles.
  • On some screen sizes, the light in Citrivale Gym is not centered on the player.


  • Text during battle may randomly shrink.
  • There may be random line breaks in dialogue. (please inform us of places you see this, with screenshots)


  • The player's reflection may display on objects such as trees if the player is standing on a puddle.


Events and Scripts


  • Characters may occasionally refer to the player as PN, /PN, Jordan, or Mary.
  • Characters may occasionally refer to the rival as "Mary" even when the rival is Jordan.