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Kuda, Keil, Khya






Lead co-developer; artist; mapper

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Keileon (real name Khya Shaver) is one of the two lead developers of Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win alongside her boyfriend, Lord X-Giga-X. She manages most of the non-game media for the project, such as concept art and website-based hubs. She describes her role as "making things pretty while Giga does the hard stuff".

Keileon is the source of many ideas for mechanics and abilities, finding resources and tutorials that aren't being actively sought, and does much of the Pokémon stat, moveset, and ability balancing. She also does most of the lore-based worldbuilding, developing information in the background that may not be relevant in the game at that time.


Concept Art

Keileon is the artist behind all Pokémon concept art, alongside the game's logo and the art for the PokéBit.

Regional Variants and Mega Evolutions

Keileon designed and/or sprited the following Regional Variants:

She also designed most non-Variant Mega Evolutions, though may not necessarily have sprited ones she designed. All non-Mega, non-Variant new forms were sprited (and in most cases, designed) by her.

Sprites and UI

Keileon has edited and created several UI elements, including the Pokédex interface, party graphics, some item sprites, the Metallic symbol, various aspects of the battle and summary UI, and the game's border.

She is responsible for the following sprites:


Keileon is the primary mapper of the game, having created nearly all exterior and interior maps thus far. The only maps that she cannot claim credit for are the Gatehouse maps, and can only claim partial credit for Ironis Tunnel.


Though she is not considered a composer for the game, during her experimentation with FL Studio, Keileon created the encounter theme for Firebreathers and Roughnecks.

Keileon also balances all non-cry audio as of 2.7.


Alongside Lord X-Giga-X, Keileon is one of the two primary story writers and ran the roleplay that the game is based on.

During the course of the roleplay, Keileon played (and now writes) Professor Spruce, Zoltan, Kaiser, and Ashley. She also writes dialogue for Looker, occasionally Jordan and Petra, and most non-battling NPCs.


  • Alongside various contributions to the game itself, Keileon also manages most website-based platforms for the project, including the website and Twitter account. She is the original poster of the Relic Castle thread despite most updates being posted by Lord X-Giga-X, is one of the primary editors of the wiki despite it being hosted by Nebulon Ranger, and is the owner of the Discord server alongside Lord X-Giga-X.