Ironis Black Market

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Ironis Black Market
Ironis Black Market.png


Ironis Tunnel

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Story: Chasing Ravens

Ironis Black Market's location in the Altaris Region
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Encounters - Land
Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate
278.png Wingull 17-19 20%
198.png Murkrow 17-19 20%
568.png Trubbish 17-19 20% 532.png Timburr 18-19 10%
624.png Pawniard 18-20 10% 551 1.png Sandile 18-20 10%
559.png Scraggy 17-19 10% 236.png Tyrogue 18 5%
213 1.png Shuckle 19 5% 235.png Smeargle 19-20 10%
Encounters - Old Rod
Sprite Pokémon Level Range Encounter Rate
318.png Carvanha 3-15 100%


Granite Town - Shardil Town - Emeralis City - Rubina City - Citrivale City - Amaris City - Ironis City
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Areas of Interest
Shardil Clearing - Charred Pathway - Condemned Building 1 - Condemned Building 2 - Peridot Forest - Jadit Ruins - Citrivale Docks - The Tempest - Ironis Tunnel - Ironis Black Market