Date-Based Events

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Date-based events are in-game events triggered only on specific dates. Unlike Mystery Gifts, these events are specifically triggered by time checks within the game's script. They can occur each year within their specified date range unless they're either set to run on specific years or removed from the game in a future update.

April Fools

First noticed in 2019, Pokémon Sardonyx contains a minor change that occurs on April Fools Day. During this day, certain Gen 1 Pokémon will have their name altered upon creation. A number of these reflect their beta names. These Pokémon obtained by the player can still have their name changed via the Name Rater in Citrivale City. This change originally lasted from April 1 to April 14 before being shortened to just April 1.

Pokémon New Name
Icon014.png Kakuna Kokoon
Icon016.png Pidgey Pidge
Icon017.png Pidgeotto Pidgeot
Icon019.png Rattata Rattatak
Icon023.png Ekans Arbo /
Icon024.png Arbok Nagaasp
Icon028.png Sandslash Sandstorm
Icon035.png Clefairy Aria
Icon036.png Clefable Ariala
Icon037.png Vulpix Foxfire
Icon038.png Ninetales Ninetai
Icon039.png Jigglypuff Pudding
Icon040.png Wigglytuff Custard
Icon043.png Oddish Ladish
Icon046.png Paras Parasyte
Icon050.png Diglett Digda
Icon058.png Growlithe Flamie
Icon059.png Arcanine Arcanine
Icon060.png Poliwag Aqua
Icon061.png Poliwhirl Aquanau
Icon062.png Poliwrath Aquamar
Icon063.png Abra Hocus
Icon064.png Kadabra Pocus
Icon066.png Machop Kara-tee
Icon067.png Machoke Kung-foo
Icon068.png Machamp Ju-doh
Icon072.png Tentacool Jilly
Icon073.png Tentacruel Man O War
Icon078.png Rapidash Gallop
Icon079.png Slowpoke Slowmo
Icon081.png Magnemite Coil
Icon082.png Magneton Recoil
Icon083.png Farfetch'd Fowler
Icon084.png Doduo Dodo
Icon087.png Dewgong Manaty
Icon092.png Gastly Spirit
Icon093.png Haunter Spectre
Icon094.png Gengar Phantom
Icon096.png Drowzee Sleeper
Icon099.png Kingler Kingle
Icon102.png Exeggcute Eggstre
Icon103.png Exeggutor Eggscut
Icon104.png Cubone Orphon
Icon105.png Marowak Guardia
Icon106.png Hitmonlee Lee
Icon107.png Hitmonchan Chan
Icon108.png Lickitung Tonguetyd
Icon109.png Koffing Ny
Icon110.png Weezing La
Icon113.png Chansey Lucky
Icon114.png Tangela Meduza /
Icon118.png Goldeen Goldy
Icon119.png Seaking Neptune
Icon123.png Scyther Stryke
Icon130.png Gyarados Skulkraken
Icon131.png Lapras Ness
Icon132.png Ditto Morpho
Icon133.png Eevee Eon
Icon137.png Porygon Poregon
Icon138.png Omanyte Ess
Icon139.png Omastar Kargo
Icon140.png Kabuto Att
Icon141.png Kabutops Lantis
Icon142.png Aerodactyl Ptera
Icon147.png Dratini Dragoon
Icon148.png Dragonair Dragyn


First witnessed in versions 2.1 to 2.2.2, Pokémon Sardonyx contains a few minor changes lasting through the entire month of October.

  • Pokémon encountered in the wild have a 10% chance of becoming one of several Ghost-type Pokémon in the event that they would otherwise not be Ghost-type.
  • Phantump and Pumpkaboo can be found lurking in Peridot Forest. Each map contains one of the two. After an encounter, they will disappear and respawn after a week. This allows for a maximum of 5 encounters with each map for a total of 20 throughout the month.
  • Specific sand castles in Citrivale Docks, Amaris City, and Ironis City will be revealed to be Sandygast. After an encounter, they will disappear and respawn after a week. This allows for a maximum of 5 encounters with each map for a total of 15 throughout the month.
  • The power of Ghost- and Dark-type moves are increased by 30%.

Ghost-Type Pokémon Spawning

During the month of October, there is a 5% chance of the player encountering Ghost-type Pokémon rather than a Pokémon they would normally encounter if it is not already a Ghost-type. The way what Pokémon is encountered is determined as followed:

The game creates four slots. Two are filled by Duskull and Yamask. The other two are left blank. The game then uses the original Pokémon's type to attempt to fill in these two slots.

  • Litwick if the Pokémon is Fire-type
  • Frillish if the Pokémon is Water-type
  • Drifloon if the Pokémon is Flying-type
  • Golett if the Pokémon is Ground-type
  • Gastly if the Pokémon is Poison-type
  • Sableye if the Pokémon is Dark-type

Dual-types are taken into account. If the Pokémon is a single type, the remaining slot is filled by Shuppet. If the Pokémon is none of those types, the slots are filled up by Misdreavus and Shuppet. The Ghost-type Pokémon encountered is then randomly chosen from the four resulting options.

For instance, if the player would have normally encountered an Altaran Growlithe and this occured, they would instead encounter a Litwick, Frillish, Duskull, or Yamask.

There are a few exceptions to this: