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Blacken is a custom Ability in Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win.


In-Game Description

Normal-type moves become Dark-type moves.

In Battle

Blacken causes all Normal-type moves used by the Pokémon to become Dark-type and receive a 20% power boost. It overrides Ion Deluge and Electrify.

In the Field

Blacken has no effect outside of battle.


The following Pokémon have Blacken as an ability.

# Pokémon First Ability Second Ability First Hidden Ability Second Hidden Ability
215 Icon215.png Sneasel Inner Focus Keen Eye Pickpocket Blacken
248 Icon248.png Tyranitar Sand Stream None Unnerve Blacken
261 Icon261.png Poochyena Run Away Quick Feet Rattled Blacken
262 Icon262.png Mightyena Intimidate Quick Feet Moxie Blacken
509 Icon509.png Purrloin Limber Unburden Prankster Blacken
510 Icon510.png Liepard Limber Unburden Prankster Blacken
633 Icon633.png Deino Hustle Intimidate Sheer Force Blacken
634 Icon634.png Zweilous Hustle Intimidate Sheer Force Blacken
635 Icon635.png Hydreigon Levitate Intimidate Sheer Force Blacken