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Icon015.png Icon015 1.png #015 Beedrill
Altaran Beedrill.png
Altaran Beedrill-Mega.png
Top-most: Kantonian Beedrill
Top center: Kantonian Mega Beedrill
Bottom center: Altaran Beedrill
Bottom: Altaran Mega Beedrill

National Dex



Poison Bee Pokémon


Kanto: Bug/Poison
Altaris: Bug/Ground


Kanto: Swarm, Sniper (Hidden), Adaptability (Mega)
Altaris: Hyper Cutter, Swarm, Long Reach (Hidden),
Wasp Nest (Mega)

Gender Ratio

50% male

Catch Rate


EV Yield

2 Attack, 1 Sp Def

Egg Group





Game Freak, BatterymanAAA, Keileon

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Beedrill (Japanese: スピアー Spear) is a dual-type Bug- and Poison-Type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It has an Altaran Regional Variant that is Bug- and Ground-Type.

Regardless of form, it evolves from Kakuna starting at level 10. It is the final form of Weedle. Kantonian Beedrill can Mega Evolve into Mega Beedrill using the Beedrillite, while Altaran Beedrill can Mega Evolve into Mega Beedrill S using the Beedrillite S.

Altaran Beedrill was designed and sprited by BatterymanAAA. Mega Beedrill S was designed and sprited by Keileon with edits by Phazyxel.


Location Encounter Type % Chance Time
Route 3 Tree 20% All Day
Peridot Forest (Section 1) Tall Grass 1% Day


HP Atk Def SpAtk SpDef Spd BST
Kanto 65 90 40 45 80 75 395
Mega Beedrill
Altaris 70 90 60 40 60 80 400
Mega Beedrill S

Dex Entries

Kantonian Beedrill
Beedrill is extremely territorial. No one should ever approach its nest-this is for their own safety. If angered, they will attack in a furious swarm.
Mega Beedrill
Data currently unavailable.
Altaran Beedrill
Less aggressive than its Kantonian cousin, Altaran Beedrill forms nests of mud and uses its drills to burrow into tree trunks and hunt Spinarak.
Mega Beedrill S
Data currently unavailable.


By Level-Up
Kanto Altaris
Level Move Level Move
Evolve Twineedle Evolve Twineedle
Evolve Mud-Slap
1 Fury Attack 1 Fury Attack
11 Fury Attack 11 Fury Attack
14 Rage 14 Mud Shot
17 Pursuit 17 Pursuit
20 Focus Energy 20 Focus Energy
23 Venoshock 23 Mud Bomb
26 Assurance 26 Dig
29 Toxic Spikes 29 Spikes
32 Pin Missile 32 Pin Missile
35 Poison Jab 35 Drill Run
38 Agility 38 Agility
41 Endeavor 41 Earthquake
44 Fell Stinger 44 Fell Stinger
STAB bonus applies to all moves noted in italics


Lv 7
Lv 10
Mega Evolve
015 2.png
Mega Beedrill
015 1.png
Mega Evolve
015 3.png
Mega Beedrill S


Egg Normal Shiny Metallic Shiny Metallic
013egg.png 015.png 015b.png 015s.png 015sb.png 015m.png 015mb.png 015sm.png 015smb.png
015 1.png 015b 1.png 015s 1.png 015sb 1.png 015m 1.png 015mb 1.png 015sm 1.png 015smb 1.png
015 2.png 015b 2.png 015s 2.png 015sb 2.png 015m 2.png 015mb 2.png 015sm 2.png 015smb 2.png
015 3.png 015b 3.png 015s 3.png 015sb 3.png 015m 3.png 015mb 3.png 015sm 3.png 015smb 3.png


  • Altaran Beedrill is based on the blue mud dauber wasp.